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ATL/BTL Services

We offer a wide range of media options covering both Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL).

Newspaper stick-ons 

Using newspaper stick-ons to deliver your message across is a very effective and cost effective option. Besides, you could also target readers locality-wise depending on their profile parameters. We help clients design the message and the creative to ensure maximum effectiveness and work on the delivery logistics to ensure maximum ROI.

Print Ads

As one of the most effective media options, print advertising is the preferred choice clients across categories. Considering the numerous options available, costs differences, position and distribution issues effective media planning is required to achieve the desired communication objectives. Our media planners have the expertise to collate, analyze and propose an effective media plan to help you optimize your spends. 


One of the most popular and pervasive media choices, television has an exceptional reach across India. We have several vernacular channels, Hindi and English channels catering to a wide target audience. At Media 360 Degree Services, our media planners will work with you to work on an effective media plan considering all options available to ensure your product’s success.


The growth of the automotive sector and increase in urban mobility has fueled a ‘Radio renaissance’ of sorts and radio today is among the preferred options for communication. Again several channels, audience profiles, time slots and costs warrant expert media planning and solutions that get the message across effectively. Rest assured that we have the expertise to deliver on this front.

Airport Activation 

Airports are an effective hub for messaging considering the profile of the audience and their behavioural aspects. Display spaces in the airport are among the most sought after by several brands and can create a huge impact when the locations are judiciously selected and designed. Our media planners and display specialists could work to ensure your brand gets the maximum visibility and mileage leveraging this premium platform. 

Direct Marketing  

Direct Marketing is a cost effective and involved engagement platform enabling marketers to gather valuable feedback from prospects helping reshape/ retune strategies. The effectiveness depends on the target segment, the validity of the database, messaging and the response mechanisms built in to optimize response. At Media 360 Degree Services, we have a dedicated team of experts well versed with the nuances of Direct Marketing to assure you of a desired response on the effort.